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The Technical Cooperation Service, Sercotec, has announced the list of the most important 16 small companies from all over the country that were selected to market their innovative products in Espacio Food & Service, The event will be held on September 26, 27 and 28 at Espacio Riesco, an important international food industry trade fair.

"Participating in events as important as Espacio Food & Service represents a great opportunity for this group of entrepreneurs from different regions to make their products known to a specialized public, expand their contact networks, achieve alliances with other companies and potentially become suppliers of hotels, restaurants and other large buyers," said the general manager of Sercotec, Cecilia Schröder.

Among those selected are Naturela company from the Biobío Region dedicated to the production of honey-based products, such as candles, soaps and a cream called "chocomiel", which is fused with pure cocoa and is ideal as a complement for breakfasts and pastries for people who do not consume cow's milk or gluten.

In keeping with the healthy line, the company will also be present. Yoggiewhich develops products based on lupine, a leguminous plant that stands out for its protein content. This characteristic is used by this SME from La Araucanía to produce a functional ingredient of texturized protein that can be used as an input for the production of cereals and granolas, being on the verge of starting exports to the United States, in addition to developing a vegetable substitute for yogurt, the first of its kind in the domestic market.

The trend of plant-based products will have another representative with the company Don Mateowhich makes liqueurs from fruits and herbs native to the great north of Chile. Its star product is "Rico-Rico", the first liqueur made in the country from an ancestral aromatic shrub that grows in the Atacama Desert called rica-rica.

Representing the Maule Region was selected the company El Gallo Alimentos to exhibit at the event its snacks made with chickpeas and cochayuyo; for the Metropolitan Region, the brand's dressings and chili sauce will be on display. De Camachoand for the Ñuble Region, the traditional liquor store will be present. Don Ginito, which produces wines, macerates and liqueur creams with natural raw materials such as elderberries and cherries. Meanwhile, from Arica will arrive Alimentos AkapachaThe company reuses discards from agricultural production to produce canned fruits and vegetables, which have already reached the U.S. and Brazilian markets.

In the Sercotec sector of Food & Service you can also find handmade chocolates made in Aysen by the chocolate factory Hopperdietzel, the bottled spring water exported by the brand Andesrock de Pucón; el caldo de hueso que el emprendimiento valdiviano Valquimia has positioned itself in national supermarket chains; the blueberry powder produced in the Elqui Valley by Prana Fruit, and the extra virgin olive oil produced in Atacama by the company Alicanto. To these are added the liqueurs of the Destilería Queilen from Chiloé, the jams and juices from Valle Natura of La Cruz, the Valdivian energizing gels from WildMate and the amaranth-based products of the Cabildo company. Amaranto Mundos.

For the selection process, a pre-selection was carried out in all regions among the companies that are advised by the Sercotec Business Development Centers network, which were then evaluated by regional committees and subsequently by a national jury. Those selected will have access to a booth provided by the Promotion and Marketing Channels programThey will also receive advice for the presentation of their products and will be part of the diffusion of the international event.

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