Espacio Food & Service

Espacio Food & Service was founded in the year 2011 in order to provide a space for meetings and for business, and for bringing together companies, providers, public organisms and all the professional branches of the food industry value chain. The event, organized and produced every year by the Events and Convention Center Espacio Riesco of Santiago, is considered to be the most important food industry event in Chile and a reference point for Latin America. Expectations are that more than 20 thousand people will gather every year to find out about developments and innovations in area products and services. Espacio Food & Service allows the main actors of the sector to come together in one place where they can observe the latest developments and trends in products, services and technologies. Furthermore, participants can find out what is going on in the market, what new requirements have been established by authorities and, finally, what the new trends are in the sector. Furthermore, the event provides an instance for the generation of new business opportunities.

Take advantage of the opportunity for presenting your brands in a space which will provide you with all the professional connections you need!

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