A top priority of the Chilean Government is to convert the country into a world food power, so that, in the near future, the country will become one of the 10 most important food exporters in the world, with projected sales close to 20 billion dollars per year.

Chile, a country with a modern agri-food industry, has an abundant supply of high quality raw material. It is the country with the greatest number of signed “Free Trade Agreements” (66), which has helped the industry modernize and grow in the last years and offer products with greater added value and profitability.

In the last few years, due to a temperate climate, applied technologies and economic-political stability, Chile has reached a privileged position in the world ranking of food exporting countries, and is considered to be a true Food Power by the international market place.

Chile’s market is attractive, dynamic and solid and offers a great opportunity for companies wishing to introduce their products.  And Espacio Food & Service, considered to be the most important professional instance in the country, is like a grand showcase for exhibiting and showing products and/or services, and sharing them with the most important protagonists of the industry.